Cheer Amusement Food Themed Indoor Playground Equipment 20120429-LB2-020-1
Brand: Cheer Amusement Belong to: Amusement Park, Outdoor Playground, Children Toy Dimension: 12.2Sqm Weight: 800kg Length: 6.1m Width: 2m Height: 2.8m Capacity: 12 KIDS. Components: Safety Net, Theming Decoration Panel, Punching Bag, T-Tube, Straight Tube With Window, Ball Pool, Tunnel 2400mm, Double Slide Long, Moon Walk, Wooden Fence, Ladder 2 Steps, Roller Run, Moon Bridge, Circular Water Bed, Soft Pads, Web Desk, Pyramid, Forest, Prism, Cubes, Hedge Roller. Material: Galvanized pipe, PVC foam, PE Netting, EVA mat (no smell) and etc. Age for: 3-8 years old. Payment terms: T/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading. Leading time: 20-25 days after receiving the deposit. After-sale Service: 1 year limited warranty. Technicians: We can send our technician for supervision. Remark: We can custom design for your playground upon the floor plan of your site.
Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground
Cheer Amusement Theme Indoor Playground Equipment Supplier
Brand Name: Cheer Amusement Product Name: Indoor Playground Item NO.: CH-AP110113 Colors: Unlimited