Cheer Amusement Children Electronic Tread Game Machine Spider Park Model : CH-EG090003

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Brand Name: Cheer Amusement
Product Name: Step On Spider
Item NO.: CH-EG090003
Dimensions: 1040mmDIA * 1200mmW * 1800mmH
Voltage: 110V/220V
Colors: Unlimited


Product description:

Cheer Amusement Children Electronic Tread Game Machine Spider Park


Product Name Cheer Amusement Children Electronic Tread Game Machine Spider Park
Brand NameCheer Amusement 
Item NO.CH-EG090003
Belong to Electronic Amusement Equipment
Capacity1 child
ComponentsStep On Spider
MaterialsPlastic, Electronic
Age for3-15 years old
Use forShopping mall, amusement parks, theme park, celebration field, etc
Payment termsT/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading
PackageThe most fully package
Leading time20-30 days after receiving the deposit
DeliveryShipping Air transport etc.
After-sale Service1 year limited warranty
TechniciansWe can send our technician for supervision.
RemarkDifferent space can be customized design

Materials: Plastic, Electronic;
Capacity: 1 child ;
Improves children's energy and imagination;
Can satisfy their mental needs of surpassing;
Integrates sports amusements and fitness through solid scientific combination;
Components: Step On Spider;
Suitable for 3 to 15-year old children;
Available in various sizes, designs and colors;
Usages: supermarkets, food chains, shopping centers, dining halls and indoor places;
Customized sizes, colors and patterns are accepted;
Dimensions: depending on customer's room.


1. The product appearance colorful, printing spider lifelike, vivid, very challenge the child's inner world.
2. This product is low cost products for you to save more cost, cover an area of an area small, to bring you to maximize the resources.
3. This product can make children give full play to the brain's rapid pace of judgment and keen ability, is a educational products.
4. The product is equipped with many color lights and beautiful music, sound effect, it is easy to attract children's interest.


        All playground equipment of the company can be adjusted in the shape and size, if you want, please contract it with the salesman; The company payment method: T/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading; We will delivery after receiving the deposit within 30 days, and you can choose sea, air and so on many kinds of transport mode; All playground equipment have been fully packaging, delivery guarantee product safety; For the company's products, we can send technical personnel who would assist and guide the installation and using of the product, and this is decided by yourself; Our company products provide 1 year limited warranty and  after-sales service; Please remark: playground equipment need to protect from fire and cutting, as far as possible avoid touching flammable or sharp objects!


Company introduction:
        Cheer Amusement is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and No.1 manufacturer in China who specialize in designing, manufacturing and assembling the quality and affordable indoor playground equipment designed for commercial applications. We meet the Safety Standard EN1176-77 part 10, CE in EU and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America. We have built thousands of nice projects all over the world and enjoyed great reputation in this industry! Attached is the project which we did in Ujjain, India.

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