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The Best Stainless Steel Slide Created by Cheer Amusement

The Best Stainless Steel Slide Created by Cheer Amusement

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The Best Stainless Steel Slide Created by Cheer Amusement
Product description

Just like a powerful dragon, our stainless steel slide slowly emerges from the dark to present its power! It is made with pure 304 stainless steel and a 4mm solid thick wall! We used compact laser for cutting pieces, all operated by professional stainless steel welding engineers! Its fine and smooth wiredrawing, polished mirror surface will always retain its shine. You can choose from a variety of spray paint colors to form your own themed surface. The translucent tube contains high-end LED lighting effect, presenting the perfect design combination of art and technology! Made by Cheer Amusement in accordance with both European and American safety standards, guarantees this product will be the highlight of your playground! Keep an eye out for more wonderful stainless steel projects coming soon!

Cheer Amusement is a leading playground equipment supplier and major trend setter in China's softplay industry. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation processes of high quality indoor playground equipment, soft play equipment, ninja warrior course, trampoline park equipment, adventure park equipment, family entertainment facility, inflatable park, and more.

In recent years, we have set up over thousands of indoor playgrounds all over the world in a diverse selection of  venues including family entertainment centers, shopping centers, theme parks, and more.  Cheer Amusement is always your go-to partner when it comes to designing and creating the most creative, excellent and safest indoor playgrounds and adventure parks!

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© 2021 CHEER AMUSEMENT All rights reserved.  苏ICP备18029487号-4     Powered by 300.cn

© 2021 CHEER AMUSEMENT All rights reserved. 

苏ICP备18029487号-4    Powered by 300.cn