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Where Is The “Created In China”?

Posted on 2013-02-16
        When you go into the video-game halls or amusement parks, most of the action on the screen is golden hair, white skin foreign cartoon image, and game content is mostly taken from foreign cartoon works, even the most game amusement machine words identification are writed by foreign language. There is no Chinese elements, so this can't help letting person sigh. Although at present in China, there are  emerging out some company which can independent research and development, in the overall look, the most company are still OEM. The data shows that, our country with independent intellectual property rights of the proportion of products is only 20%, lacking of international famous "China brand".


        If China's game entertainment industry want to develop, to progress, to stand on strong competitors in the world game entertainment industry, we must do "change in face", "change in heart" and make the national brand, adhere to the Chinese characteristic the road of independent innovation, and enhance the ability of independent innovation to carry out to the electronic game entertainment industry development always. From "made in China" to "created in China", the enterprise independent research and development initiative needs to improve more, effective intellectual property protection system needs to be perfect, the innovation consciousness research talent team need to cultivate. The most important is that there are innovation consciousness, innovative thinking and innovative strategy and innovative the investment of real gold and silver in the company and industry.


        In addition to the "hardware" -equipment manufacturing which is the core technology need to import, the game product "software" –providing content, the manufacture have always trapped in “sameness” circles. Regardless of the gap of design idea and technical strength, and lots of local game products are influenced by Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, only little company focus on the profound Chinese culture fuss, so finally "Mickey Mouse", "transformers" and so on all be popular, but our own brand is still not began.