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Water Airtight Equipments for the Coming Summer

Posted on 2016-05-09
Summer is quickly approaching and the demand for waterparks will be booming! Who doesn't enjoy playing it "cool" on exciting water plays while getting a nice tan under the warm summer sun?


Cheer Amusement have got just the right products to boost your waterpark business this summer! Our water airtight comes in many different shapes, sizes and color that are specifically tailored to strengthen different skills! Not only do Cheer Amusement supply individual products, Cheer Amusement  help design and create large water parks with many paths and obstacles also!


In order:
Water Rock - Up to 4 people can play game of spinning the rock on water (Specs: 4.3*4.3*1.7m)
Ice Mountain - helps develop motor and concentrations skills through climbing (Size: 6*5*2.6m)
Banana Boat - helps strengthen body balance with a lovely aesthetic
Water Roller - "running" on water helps strengthen speed, strength and agility (2.2x2.4mx2.4x2.7m)
Water Ball - offered in 1.0mm PVC and 0.8mmTPU with original TIZIP zipper made in Germany and reinforced soft handle of better adhesion than hard plastic handles.