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Start Your Income with Inflatable Bouncers

Posted on 2013-05-30

There are almost no disadvantages to renting inflatable bouncers: most of the opportunity to rent them comes on the weekend, so they won’t interfere with a full-time or weekday job. They don’t take up much space, because they can be deflated and stored in a garage, or even in the house. And after the one-time cost of investing in an inflatable bouncer, the profits are entirely yours.


The advantages, on the other hand are immense. You set your own hours. You work from home. You operate your own personal business, and answer to no one. At the same time, the profits are limitless. The market for inflatable bouncers is anybody with young children. Your customers, who will be thrilled to receive the service will come back to you for more parties, and parents with more than one child may rent again and again.


Most parents will host only a few parties that could use an inflatable bouncer, and they may want different products for different parties.


Buying an inflatable bouncer to use only once or twice will be too great an expense for most parents, let alone buying multiple bouncers to only use once. That is where the opportunity here lies: You can rent out the same inflatable bouncer to different parents all across your neighborhood, and even beyond. The choice of how far and how strongly you want to pursue this opportunity is entirely yours.


Also, advertising for inflatable bouncers is very easy and inexpensive. In many cases, simply telling people about your service will be enough to let word of mouth spread. You can print out flyers and leave them in the mailboxes of parents you know, or put signs up around the neighborhood. You can promote inflatable bouncers through email, phone, or simply by contacting friends. The service is extremely easy to promote, and contacts build upon themselves: satisfied parents will tell their friends and associates about the great service you provide.