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Introduction to Our Outdoor Modular Playsystem

Posted on 2012-11-03

We, China-cheer, are professional and one of the largest supplier of commercial playground equipment. Our peoducts are well received all over the world. Here I will focus on our outdoor modular playsystem. We can provide various kind of outdoor modular playsystem. Let's look at this one first.


Product Name: Modular Playsystem
Item No.:CH-2022

Spec.:  6.1 x 4.3(m)
Description:  Protective Area:9.2m x 6.5m
For kids 2-5 years
1) Safe and durable
2) Low maintenance
3) Max. play value
4) Min. supervision
5) Add corporate identity
6) Different themes and colors


We can also provide other types: CH-2025; CH-2001; CH-2007;CH-2032... Your kids will definitly welcome these playsystems.