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The Air Tight AEROBALL that can Go Anywhere

Posted on 2016-05-03


The AirVolley appeals to a wide range of ages, for those who want to compete in a challenging game, or those who are content to play on the trampoline and throw the ball to their friends.
The Airvolley is safe and fun if you want a workout. It's all about combining fun and fitness together!  Our new project completed for Gordon's Aeroball, an innovator and pioneer of air inflatable products! Whether you're looking for a workout or just having some fun, Aeroball is the place to go.
We are extremely honored to be the original equipment manufacturer of this sealed air game who combines both fun and good exercise together!Made with high quality material that guarantees safety and durability, AirVolley is suitable for both adult and juniors! Clients can also save time and effort by buying directly from us as we are an authorized seller! (Exception made for North America)