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Inflatable Origin

Posted on 2013-04-20

To bring gas model, I am afraid many people also unfamiliar, it does not know much. So, what is the gas model, it is not the source was born in China do? The answer is very few people can say clearly, but two lines of the street to talk about every day engaged in activities to use the arches, you may find it more familiar!


Yes, the streets to engage in activities with the inflatable tents, in fact, is what we call a variety of inflatables. Inflatables also known as inflatable model, is the mid-eighties of last century came from abroad a new publicity media. Its predecessor is said to be from the United States made a lot of cartoons, animated. As the film's animation, cartoon vivid and lovely, many young children to learn has become the object of imitation, so it will soon be some savvy advertisers fancy. Advertisers Tomsen inflatable cartoon costumes is the first in the United States produced "pedigree", at first, he let his workers under cartoon "Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse" or throwing in a few cute animals to make cartoon style trial Some cartoon characters to promote children's products, did not expect this new form of propaganda will soon be accepted, and was imitated by many advertisers. "American Dinisi Park" is a pioneering advertising agency Tomsen, now, the United States offering is park in the U.S. alone, annual revenues are over $ 1 billion. Shanghai in China, it is also the value created in each of the prohibitively high, so that advertising industry with admiration.


1990s, with the accelerated pace of China's reform and opening up, this form of propaganda into China.


his new advertising media, the greatest contrast characteristics and advantages of the atmosphere, that is what we call the "momentum." In the process of brand and promotional advertising has an irreplaceable role, it is easy to form a grand scene of bustling activity. Its appearance, enlarge the product of the imagination of people, to mobilize people's curiosity, teasing people's shopping desires, by showing vivid, tall and vivid, to bring a strong visual impact and a relaxed atmosphere to deepen the awareness of product image and brand awareness, play good publicity. In addition, investment from the business point of view, this inflatable product is "do not rent the province, to buy a not expensive."


If the business in television, newspapers, radio, magazines, advertising on the Internet to do, the cost per month should spend at least tens of thousands of yuan. Moreover, the investment on advertising in these media, most of the lack of creativity, people read and forget, no deep impression. As for the gas model, if the business ordered a 20-meter-high "bottle" inflatable bouncers, and then blowing it up with a blower, placed in residential or commercial areas are concentrated downtown, his influence is far more than other media. Buy the product model of the gas model, businesses pay only a one-time cost of one thousand yuan, and the mode of life from the gas in terms of normal usage, generally have to spend 2-3 years, average business only a little money a day to pay the costs. Therefore, the gas model as one of the best promotional vehicle, and will gradually become a wise business decision, a great "catch up" to catch up other media trend.