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Don't Make Children Were Injured

Posted on 2013-03-14

Every year there are many children due to the use of damage or improper assembly of amusement equipment and injury. Of course, you must understand children fall and rub the knee is energetic natural phenomenon. But when children use any equipment in the playground, parents should check their safety performance.


1, Pay attention to swing, slide, rotating roulette, ape shaft and the seesaw screws, bolts and iron clamp clip is fasten.


2, Check out whether there is rust or sharp edge of outstanding?


3, The equipment inside of it should be easy to climb up for the babies.


4, In the sandpit should have no glass pieces, gyro, cigarette head, rubble, etc.


5, Ban children play those who were not fit for his age equipment.


6, Is these toys area covered by grass or mount sand or rubber pad to prevent injuries,or not?


7, Pay attention to the rope swing, check out the weared place.


8, Are there any crook will hook baby clothing or skin?


9, Check the game area of water jet.


10, Swing check the seat cushion is belong to light type, one thousand children go to swing back or nearby, the weight type metal gasket no doubt can be a child strike and fall.


11, Swing pillar is very solid anchor is due to the ground? Or use cement fixed on the ground?


12, Pay attention to the slide surface is too slippery? If it is too slippery, your child can sixty miles per hour to fly floating, standing before you can catch his position, just in case he harm ", you can take immediate action.


13, As far as possible to the parent-child sex game area, parents can also actively participate in children's games and activities. Don't be sat in the long bench, but hope that your child can benefit from many equipment. Most young children need big taught him how to use the ape rod, how in the sand pit of a "big cake", how to not afraid of water jet, and so on, it's not that you must keep anytime and anywhere in your child side. We in the region has seen the most happy kids are those who have learned how to adventure, how skilled equipment use of skills and how to get along with other children of the children.



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