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Children's Playground Safety Hints

Posted on 2012-12-08

Of all the holidays, as long as you ask, "Baby, want to go Where to play?" "Pleasure!" More than half of the children that is the answer! It seems in my mother, it is not a good choice: Originally commercial playground equipments are "accident" prone land, plus festivals, the children are all grown-ups Wang Naer bar, many people also love go wrong!


Do not worry, let us first come to a "mine" operation, you have ruled out the threats, and the remaining safe and comfortable Is not it? As long as an idea, you can do not sweep the child's Xing, and he is at ease.


Daughter, just two years old, and once we took her to the park's outdoor playground equipment to play rotation slides, she slid down again and again climbed, played with special fun. Originally I was responsible for watching her climb up to go exit the slide, where her father waited for her to be successful in her slip several times, we have safely left the original "post." At least I still looked at her, her father Dao Hao, went to the side of smoking go.


Just then something went wrong: her slide down when the legs are spread too open, shoes, rub the edge of the slide, one leg down the momentum was blocked, while the body still at the walk down, so the body turned a stature, large head down and rolling down the! I see their eyes, but because running is not too far away from the past. When we rushed to her side, she has a mouthful of blood to tears is up! Fortunately, only a bite of paying lip service to, their teeth do not hurt yourself, but a few days eating and drinking are all affected. So, for younger children, parents rushed to stand beside him to first place.


Told him that the basic safety knowledge.


Swing is a chen chen's favorite, as long as the playground, swing, he will play projects. May have once, when he was playing swing out of an accident.


That swing, many children wait in line, finally routed chen chen, he excitedly ran because he was going to swing in two side by side through the inside of the, um, to go through that swing outside, and he No Raozhao Zou, just swing, swing over, swing the child once he kicked on the floor! The child's mother, a vigor to apologize to me, in fact, is not the child's fault, just blame I have to say do not teach their children the basic knowledge: Through Swing when Rao Zhuozou to avoid being kicked.


Warm Tips:


Carefully read the game instructions. In strict accordance with a variety of recreational projects age, height and other requirements to choose. Do not let children play with those who do not fit his height, body mass rides, please do not believe that their children aged enough, courageous and you can play. Because recreation facilities are not in accordance with age, height restrictions are based on seat belts, safe rod size and strict rules. When necessary, to help their child Fasten your seat belts.


Kids wear simple clothes. Although a child's holiday, but to an amusement park, we also should never wear too complicated for him, this will increase the risk index. Do not give the child to wear clothes with a hat, or a long skirt, skirt, Shaqun to avoid being the children stood on, grabbed the fall, or recreational facilities in the upper and lower clothes were scraping the fall.


Their children in their own sight range. Many people, is a major festival features children's commercial playground equipments . Therefore, parents must ensure that children within their sight. Otherwise, the child lost, and can let you have a big hasty!


Their children, the parents put a contact card. Contact card written on the child and parents name, home address, telephone number, on the child's clothes and pocket the event and the children got separated, you can let others help him find the parents as soon as possible.