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Cheer Amusement has three types of Volcanoes for customers to choose

Posted on 2016-08-05

Volcanoes are fascinating, mysterious yet dangerous, overflowing with flaming lavas, spewing with poisonous gas and residing quietly on Earth's surface, never giving a hint before erupting into a river of boiling molten lava.


Because of how dangerous volcanoes are, up till this date, they still remain vastly undiscovered by scientists. Yet, we want to let children get a first-hand experience on exploring this majestic being, so we created the Volcano Slide!

With great length in height and volume in size, our volcano slide greatly exhibits characteristics of a real volcano, challenging children to climb up to the top and slide down the volcano in full speed! Children can challenge their friends to race to the top and become the ruler of the world! 
Here at Cheer Amusement, we have three types of Volcanoes with different heights for customers to choose from according to their sites’ various ceiling heights.