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Cheer Amusement 16 Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

Posted on 2012-12-29

The opening ceremony of the Cheer Taiwan famous band city and Cheer Amusement 16 anniversary celebration ceremony was held in Nanjing Taiwan famous brand city at September 9,2011. The leaders of Nanjing municipal party committee and government depatements, the friends from every part of society, the chairman of Cheer Liu Xiaojun and the general manager Shi Chunping attended the ceremony activities. Then some media and Cheer related working staffs were invited.


As the improving living condition more and more people begin to pay close attention to the children amusement. Cheer Amusement are the earliest children’s amusement facilities manufacturers as well as the first comprehensive children’s amusement brand. In the industry Cheer with the new design concept and advanced workmanship enjoys high reputation. Cheer have opened more than ten amusement parks in the world. The parents and children like the playground with the unique sculpt and the bright colour.