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"Toy Enlightenment" Baby 6 Steps

Posted on 2013-02-25

Toys and games, is not only used to play, or used to study. It can encourage baby known around the world, and help them to learn some basic skills, and even some children can learn to walk under the help of the toys. But to teach children to play with toy, also is a gradual process, American magazine give the toy enlightenment six steps:


The first step, cloth toy.


Different cloth to make a toy feel feel different, this can let the children touch with the way to get to know all kinds of new things. Moreover, cloth toy will let the child to his surroundings feel comfortable, would like to use both hands to explore the world around you.


The second step, color blocks or plastic bottle.


This toy need children to grasp, and stimulate them to make parabolic, drop, hold and so on the movement, promote hand-eye cooperation ability. Should be in accordance with the different shape toys into the hole of the game, but also can enhance the child the ability to solve problems.


The third step, can make a sound or can sing play music toy.


Some toys a touch will play music or issue of the interesting sound, they can cultivate children and the environment interaction skills in music, and enhance creativity and imagination.


The fourth step, colorful toys.


Brightly colored toys can enhance visual ability, especially a larger color doll or pillow, and some of the paint have exaggerated bright-colour design item, can let the children learn to distinguish between different shapes and colors, and at the same time stimulate their creativity.


Step 5, and children "hide and seek" toys.


Some toys can press a button jump out or "disappear", this can teach the children understand causal relation, improve eye with ability, at the same time enhance creative thinking ability.


Step 6, can tear open outfit, flattening or folded toys.


That can be broken down into several pieces to reset back to the toy can teach children how to solve problems in train children hands skill, but also cultivate their creative thinking. Building blocks, puzzles toys is the development of the child intelligence tools.