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our staff
    Excellent staff is the most important asset cheer amusement, In the heart of cheer's management, just like love their children to take care of their employees, for all employees to feel the warmth of the big family of cheer, enterprises develop and expand, to be able to win more business opportunities in the increasingly competitive environment.
    In order to adapt to the strategic development of enterprises, companies began to develop the corresponding talent early in the early establishment, increase incentive to dare to challenge and take on employees, gradually develop professional skills and quality of the staff. after nearly twenty years of development of cheer, By constantly developing and absorption, ability, experience, innovative spirit of the team, has formed rich product knowledge and practice experience in professional sales team, design team, installation team, customer service team.
    Now, cheer all staff adhering to provide a wonderful, happy and puzzle child hood faith for all children in the world, rigorous and meticulous treatment of each parts,each meticulously build a Children's play equipment. In each new product put into use, will be in the company continued to operate for at least 3 days, confirm the operation well and no abnormal before going into the market, in order to ensure the safety of children.
    In order to ensure the work efficiency, to achieve effective communication and enhance the company's overall image, the company has with products and production work flow, and to carry out the work of management, related management regulations. All the staff of the company will strictly comply with all rules and regulations, so that the work everything in good order and well arranged to carry out.
    In order to let every employee can continuously self realization, improve their quality and ability, the company developed a annual training plan, monthly training plan, provide to each employee to develop their career opportunities to realize their lofty ideals and high aspirations, to help them succeed, and make it fun at work. You know, only by constantly learning, to get the new knowledge of the industry, Can be based on children's play forefront  of  the market.
    Cheer is a boat ride the wind and waves in the sea in ships, and our staff is the ship's excellent seaman. Development of cheer contains personal growth, cheer progress cannot do without every employee's sweat and effort, let us take the cheer this ship, to pull together in times of trouble, fighting side by side, together towards the success of the other side.