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This children playground is designed for Australia client belong to "CHEER AMUSEMENT", and it is themed by colorful harmoney, poscessing lots of wonderful playground equipment and performance, feeling innocent for the people.


Once the children get into the playground, they will do like it. The whole playground looks like grotesque, kinds of equipments covered by bright color, rich of shape, funny, and it seems that people are in a beautiful dream. There are mysterious cross tunnel, exciting tubing slide, charmful rainbow ladder,excellent super cannon,and sweety colorful ballpool and so on. In this area, children can enjoy themselves, as the same time they can learn about creat, discovery, help each other share etc. This is really education in amusement, the children got exercise and development.


Spider tower for children
Spider tower for children use the carbon steel as the framework, covered by protecting net, unique models, seven levels, challenge, make some difficult for the children. This is new type playground equipment that is popular all over the world. It caters to the characteristic of the children who like to climb. In case of safty of the children, they get brave strengthen in a happy way.


Ocean ballpool
You should see this equipment in many ways.The ballpool is popular as a protective buffer instead of other kind buffer. It is full of Moon Bounce, and the Moon Bounce is so beautiful that the ballpool is much colorful. This area can provide a place which children can do any thing- jumping, crawl, roll and so on.Meanwhile this place can be used for playing together, making friends, and help each other.



Shuttle reseau
In the tunnel, by means of changing the location and color, let the children hallucinate, forgetting the vacation and time. By way of crawl, promoting the nervous system and improving body coordination, training positive sentiment. As building experience, fitting for the game, children can do well in the game, obtaining success and confidents.


Since this kind of playground is used in the first client, it is loved by operators, parents and children. Combined by many area, content different requirement; panache decoration, entertain equipment, all about of these are cater to the demand of the children. This is a place that is full of happiness and challenge.


This indoor theme park is good enough to recommend to all clients. If you are interested in this playground, welcome to ask about it. Pleasure to invite you join us, and let's share the happiness and health to the children all over the world.