Cheer Amusement Diversified Climbing Activity
Name: Diversified Climbing Activity This product contains three steps ladder, slide, climbing wall and so on. It not only let the children experience more fun but also can exercise children's physical coordination.
Cheer Amusement Mini Carousal
Name: Mini Carousal This one is electronic amusement product with many cute cartoon animals.It can be a level 360 degree rotating slowly, Let the children feel the joy of riding. It is soft padded which can make children fell comfortable.
Cheer Amusement LED Ball Pool
Name: LED ball poolDimension: 2.5mL * 2.5mW * 0.5mH
Cheer Amusement Ocean Themed  Rocking Boat
Name: Ocean Themed Rocking BoatDimension: 2.8mL * 1.8mW *1.68mH
Cheer Amusement Ocean/Candy Themed Rotating Octagon Pavilion
Name: Rotating Octagon PavilionDimension: 1.7mL * 1.7mW * 2.6mH
Cheer Amusement Jungle Themed Inflatable Combo / Jungle Slide With Bouncer
Series: ComboPlay Ages: 6-12Accommodates: 3-5Inflated Size: 6mL * 5mW * 5mH
Cheer Amusement Children Play Centre Jungle Themed Indoor Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 256.8SqmWeight: 12000KgLength: 18.3mWidth: 14.03mHeight: 6.3m
Cheer Amusement Children Play Centre Underwater World Themed Toddler Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 36.5SqmWeight: 1000KgLength: 8.54mWidth: 4.27mHeight: 1m
Cheer Amusement Ocean Theme Inflatable Fun City Amusement Equipment Supply
Brand Name: Cheer AmusementProduct Name: Inflatable Fun CityItem NO.: CH-IF1102100Theme: Ocean ThemeSize: 20mL * 11mW * 6mHPacking Size: 1.2mL * 1.2mW * 1.8mHPackages: 3 packagesWeight: 1184kgColors: UnlimitedMaterials: LLDPE and PVC compound cloth;Capacity: 45 to 55 children;Improves children's energy and imagination;Can satisfy their mental needs of surpassing;Integrates sports amusements and fitness through solid scientific combination;Components: Ball Pool, Inflatable Rock Climbing, Inflatable Obstacle, Inflatable Fun City, Inflatable Arch, Inflatable Bouncer, Inflatable Slide, etc;Suitable for 3 to 15 years old children;Available in various sizes, designs and colors;Usages: supermarkets, food chains, shopping centers, dining halls and indoor places;Customized sizes, colors and patterns are accepted;Dimensions: depending on customer's room.
Cheer Amusement Children Play Centre Jungle Themed Small Indoor Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 29.5SqmWeight: 1200KgLength: 6.9mWidth: 4.27mHeight: 2.7m
Cheer Amusement Children Play Centre Castle Themed Indoor Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 156SqmWeight: 10000KgLength: 13.42mWidth: 12.2mHeight: 4.75m
Cheer Amusement Children Play Centre Jungle Zone Themed Indoor Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 160SqmWeight: 7000KgLength: 13.42mWidth: 12.2mHeight: 3.3m