Jungle Adventure
Cheer Amusement Candy Themed Children Amusement Park Toddler Soft Playground Equipment
Dimension: 60sqmWeight: 1500kgLength: 9.76m Width: 6.1mHeight: 3.9m
Cheer Amusement Pirate Themed Toddler Playground Equipment
Brand Name: Cheer AmusementProduct Name: Toddler PlaygroundTheme: Pirate ThemedItem NO.: CH-RS110047Dimensions: 11.5mL * 8mW * 5mHColors: Unlimited
Cheer Amusement Ice Land Themed Toddler Playground Equipment
Brand Name: Cheer AmusementProduct Name: Toddler PlaygroundTheme: Ice Land ThemedItem NO.: CH-RS110069Dimensions: 11.5mL * 8mW * 5mHColors: Unlimited
Cheer Amusement Food Theme Indoor Playground Equipment Supplier 201205012-LB-003-1
Brand: Cheer AmusementBelong to: Amusement park, Indoor playground, Children toyDimension: 35 sqmWeight: 1200kgLength: 7.6mWidth: 4.56mHeight: 2.7mCapacity: 20 kidsComponents: double slide, ball pit with balls,play houseMaterial: Galvanized steel pipe, foam poast pads, PVC vinyl, flooring matsAge for: 3-12 yearsPayment terms: T/T 50% deposit, the balance to be paid before loadingLeading time: 20-25 days after receiving the deposit.After-sale Service: 1 year limited warranty Technicians: Installation to be provided Remark: We can custom design for your playground upon the floor plan of your site.
Cheer Amusement Children Indoor Jungle Themed Junior Playground
Brand :Cheer AmusementBelong to :Amusement park, Indoor playground, Children toyDimension:40 sqmWeight:1200kgLength :6.1mWidth:4.88mHeight:2.4mCapacity:40 kids
Cheer Amusement Village Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Brand: Cheer AmusementNo.: 20131120-014-H-3Dimension: 234SqmLength: 17.43mWidth: 13.42mHeight: 3.6mCapacity: 150 kids
Cheer Amusement Rock Roll
Name: Rock RollDimension: 230cmL * 150cmW * 220cmH This is our new type rock and roll. Kids could sit on the bench, parents or staff pull the ropes and make the kids swing.
Cheer Amusement Rolling Barrel
Name: Rolling BarrelDimension: 350cmL * 208cmW * 155cmH This is rolling barrel which assembled by airtight, ladder, and frames. Kids could climb into the airtight cylinder and make it rolling by walking inside.
Cheer Amusement Mini Spin
Name: Mini SpinDimension: 160cmL * 215cmH This is one of our products of rotating series named mini spin. Kids could sit on the balls spinning.
Cheer Amusement Giggle Poles
Name: Giggle PolesDimension: 180cmL * 226cmH This is one of our products of rotating series named giggle pole. Kids could stand on the round mat, hold to the spiral poles, spinning.